St Matthias Halls, Wordsworth Road, London, N16 8DD

Wordsworth Road daffodil planting day

We’re looking forward to spring by brightening up Wordsworth Road with a host of golden daffodils to celebrate the poet after which our road was named.

We’re having a bulb planting day on 30 November 11am-1pm at St Matthias Halls and Church. Come and plant a bulb – and take one home to brighten your home when it flowers in spring.

Our part of Stoke Newington was developed in the mid-19th century and in order to attract buyers for the larger houses that were built here, they named the roads after England’s greatest poets – Shakespeare Walk, Milton Grove, Cowper Road, Spenser Grove, and Wordsworth Road.

Together we can turn our road into Wordsworth’s famous ‘host of golden daffodils’.

Hot chocolate will be served.

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