St Matthias Halls, Wordsworth Road, London, N16 8DD

St Matthias Church – Hire

St Matthias Church

Stoke Newington’s only Grade I-listed church boasts the most magnificent acoustic and is ideal for concerts, performances, recordings, and rehearsals and also as a location for filming (especially in conjunction with nearby St Matthias Hall if you need a green room or canteen).

We attract a huge range of singers and musicians who all have one thing in common – they’re serious about their music and love the sound they achieve in the church.  See who’s been here, and what they’ve been doing…


Toilet, hot water urn, heating and lighting.
There is a professional quality Yamaha concert grand piano on loan to the church which is for hire for £70 per event. It is tuned to A440 pitch and tuned regularly. If you would like it tuned especially for your event, we can arrange that for £90.

Versatile moveable pews, and chairs. Disabled.


300 (incl performers)




Some weekdays and most evenings, Saturdays, Sunday afternoons.
Contact us now to view the space and get planning your event.

Hire rates

Prices/hire fees are from £60ph but this depends on the event. We charge £80-90ph for recording/filming.

Please note that you must include setting up and clearing away within your hire time. Bookings are not confirmed until full payment has been received.


We regard the safe care and protection of children and vulnerable adults as of the utmost importance. You are expected to share this concern and make appropriate provision for the protection of children within your care. By signing the hire agreement, you undertake to meet this expectation.


Thank you to Mac Campeanu and Polly Hancock for their wonderful photographs capturing the spirit of events at St Matthias and the essence of the spaces.

What people are saying about St Matthias

Says singer-songwriter Fran O’Hanlon aka Ajimal: “It was a joy to play these songs just as the light was failing in the beauty of the stunning St Matthias’ Church…” June 2020

Says pianist and composer Henrik Lindstrandt: “The slow movement of the piece fitted nicely with the acoustics of the church and I enjoyed every second playing there.” March 2020

Says Peter Quicke, Treasurer of the Wing-It Singers“St Matthias is a wonderful venue for a choir – the acoustics are sublime. Father David, Jackie and everyone are very helpful. And the stained glass windows are wonderful!” June 2019.

Says choral conductor Hannah Brine: “Thanks so much to the staff at St Matthias for their welcoming and helpful attitude on the night of our performance. It is a lovely space for singing in. I have a choir of over 100 and we had plenty of space to perform. The acoustic is great too…. and the heating!” April 2019

Says Hamish Duff (Blue Top Musicmanager of Film composer and pianist Nico Casal): “St Matthias is a beautiful Church with a Grand Piano in perfect condition and along with the excellent acoustics makes it the perfect venue for a concert or recital.” February 2019

Says indie singer/songwriter Kaine Francesco: “When looking for a space to film the music video for Lovely People, I wanted somewhere the person in the story could go to confess their thoughts and doubts, somewhere that was the opposite of a busy London station, somewhere quiet and peaceful, somewhere you could step in, close the door, and feel disconnected from the busy and loud city outside.

“When I stepped into St Matthias’ I was stunned by the beauty of the space. The tranquility made it feel like a little slice of heaven and I knew that it was the perfect place for the video. Serendipitously they had just received a beautiful shiny grand piano the same week, and everything seemed to fit in place. Sitting at the piano, hearing the glorious natural reverb of the church took me back to how I imagined the song when I wrote it and I had to be told off by my crew for playing away as we were running out of time! St Matthias’ is a hidden gem and I will appreciate being able to film in there forever.” 

Says Trustee of Hackney Youth Orchestras’ Trust Rachel Dollimore: “Thank you for your help with planning the Hackney Youth Orchestras Trust/Drake Calleja Trust Concert at St Matthias.It was a wonderful concert and a lovely venue to hold it in – with great acoustics.

“Both the orchestra and choir had a good sound and it is great to both perform and be part of the audience in such beautiful surroundings.” 


St Matthias Church N16 - venue for hire