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Chorus of Dissent’s big hitting concert

Not only was Chorus of Dissent’s Christmas concert sold out, and a roaring success on the night, but its impact will be felt throughout the coming year.

Directed by Ruth Whitehead and Julie Shaw, the concert raised over £3,500 – some of which will be donated to St Matthias Church for repairs but will also continue to fund music and singing for the pupils at St Matthias Primary School.

CoD’s charity DissentersArtsN16 have sponsored music professionals to go into the school every week, teaching singing and also British Sign Language. Pupils at the school have had limited access to any music-making for over two years.

And the community witnessed the amazing results of all their enthusiasm and talents at the school’s glorious Carol Concert on 13 December at St Matthias Church, and also in the uplifting performance of the school choir at the BIG Christmas Concert on 18 December.

Says school interim head Kate Redman: “Ruth Whitehead and the DissentersArtsN16 charity has offered invaluable support to St Matthias in many ways. They brought music and singing back into the school with the summer’s excellent musical performance Evenings at Home, and have now consolidated all the pupils’ hard work with joyous Christmas singing and signing. There are some incredible musical talents in this school from which we have all benefitted.”

BIG Christmas concert
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